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This Change of Season; How we move forward after winter holidays

This Change of Season; How we move forward after winter holidays

The transition from Yule to Imbolc

There is no right or wrong with how we feel after the holidays , specifically after Yule

( Christmas or the New Year). The fact is , it's totally normal to feel a little depleted, or spent . Throughout Human history the time of Yule was a simple celebration of the winter solstice or the longest night. It was a long period of hedonistic feasting, sharing with our friends; a tradition all put together though our collective past to help us get through the darkest time of year.

So where does that leave us in January?

Plainly, We celebrated in winter so we had something to look forward to. This means that all that sharing and work was to help us get excited for what lies ahead! The sun, the warming earth , or in the very least a time for growth and hope for the future. I just can't help but be optimistic.

The march toward Imbolc-February 1st , a halfway point between the winter solstice, and the spring equinox.However ,Because of Imbolc’s vast history, there are a range of days marking this festival : January 31st, February 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd. But can come as late as February 7th

If you are like me you are feeling a little withdrawn, and almost like drawing inward more so than you did at the start of winter, there is a good reason for it. Our early festivities were our ancient ancestors way of filling the dark with light, in order to keep going safely through the heart of the coldest days.

Right now in January is our time to recharge , revert inwards , and gather the energy we need for a plentiful Spring . The energy we need to observe the land, our lives, and the energy for our next big steps .

Right now I am deep in my cave of garden planning involving what I will need: Dirt, manure, seeds, going through, and sorting what I may or may not need to order or trade.

These activities fuel my soul with so much hope for the spring.

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc is the name for the Celtic ceremony meaning " in the belly". A time to strengthen your connection with nature, and the world around you.

Be it the seeds in belly of the land, or spring lambs in the belly's of their mothers, Imbolc is the promise of a land filled with new life. The new birds nesting in the city, or first signs of greens emerging from the ground.

This time of year has been celebrated in a multitude preparations, and ways that we can incorporate today , and still make sense.


Symbols of Imbolc and how to connect to this time of year.

Celebrate by:

  • Planting flowers for spring in your home , patio or garden

  • Cleans your home; to go further, you can sweep with herbal salts, Burn smudge or spray your home with smudge spray.

  • Revive traditions by reading more about a culture that may relate to you, and those that don't to gain insight into our collective history.

  • Traditional colours : Red , pink, white and silver

  • Symbols: White flowers , Candles ,livestock, and milk.

This strongest message I have for this time of year is to fill your cup. Do what fills your heart and soul, reflect on the inner you , and what path you need to take come spring to make the most of your spirit and energy.

End by restating your main message. You can sign off with a funny note or an open question.

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