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Welcome Back Spring!

Welcome Back Spring!

Even if the weather doesn't co-operate quite yet, were almost there.

As Ostara and Easter approaches, it’s an amazing time to remember springtime traditions that have been passed down through generations. Whether you’re Pagan, Christian or something in between, this spiritual holiday has a rich history of celebration that resonates with many people from many walks of life. The ancient origins of Ostara evoke feelings of nostalgia and longing for the symbolism behind its celebratory rituals — in honour of growth, new beginnings and hope for the future. With so much uncertainty in our world today, reflecting on how these ancient festivals were intended to bring us closer to nature can be immensely comforting. Let's explore the little things while celebrating the deeper meaning behind Easter today.


Celebrate with Herbs and Home Decor

This season also calls us to remember our inner child; to tap into that source inside ourselves that has never faded away. As adults we often forget how important it is to make time for fun and play—to laugh with friends, walk outside, or just stay in bed all day watching Netflix. Take this time now to plan some fun activities with the ones you love or just you. Try planting seeds for your window sill for a first time, have a beach fire and let go of what isn't serving you, or get lost in an escape room. Allow yourself to see the beauty in each moment when you can let go of expectations and just be present.

As spring returns, it’s a reminder that it’s time to celebrate rebirth and renewal. Bunnies, lambs, eggs and gardens ,there are so many ways to welcome back the change of seasons, from candles that bring peace and relaxation to rustic home decor that adds a touch of nature indoors. This year, we are excited to release our new sabbath edition candle for Easter—bringing optimism and perfect for any joyous celebration. Plus, we have herbal medicine options like electuaries, that can help you detoxify and get ready for springtime activities. Read on to find out more!

Spring Equinox & Midsommer Candles

Midsommer has been a staple and fan favourite, but this year we are excited to

make these ancient Sabbath editions permanent , and introducing our newest offering " Spring Equinox, our official candle of Easter ".

Our Ostara Candle is reminiscent with bright flowers, fresh spring fair and river rocks poured into a glass jar, and decoratively imbued with local dried flowers from the Sayward Valley here on Vancouver island . The combination of these ingredients can only be described as full of optimism , reminiscent , and sure to bring joy into your home this Equinox. This 100% soy candle is perfect for a fun Easter morning or peaceful family dinner.


Herbal Medicine Options start now

This year, we have decided to bring more herbal medicine options from our own hands and respected practitioners to our shelves, starting with an ancient avenue of medicine known as an electuary; an electuary is a local honey blended by hand with root powders, leaves, and herbal medicine taken internally via teas, stirred into water or just by the spoon full (my favourite is in hot milk). These herbal remedies can be used as part of a natural detoxification process, to increase virility, or for better sleep as you prepare your body for springtime activities like gardening and outdoor activities.

Rustic Home Decor

We introduced an adorable variety of Easter decor including rustic bunnies in different sizes as an ode to Ostara, and decorative garden vegetables for your table ! This will bring life into your home while ushering in the gardening season—and bring good luck to any alter or table! Whether you’re looking for something special for your own home, searching for a unique gift idea for a friend, or loved one—we have something that will fit perfectly!

At last spring flowers are pushing through the soil, and bunnies and lambs are being born in the fields. Now is the time in your space or home to embrace the change in season by celebrating rebirth, and renewal in all its forms. From candles that bring peace, herbal medicines, to rustic home decor items like decorative vegetables—we have everything you need to welcome back the coming season, and bring luck to any hearth or table. So why not get the equinox started today?

Also Check out our seasonal Ostara box available for pre-order now.

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