Sabbat Offerings

celebrate the seasons with our curated boxes

These hand crafted seasonal offerings are curated with attention and care to aid you in manifesting your intentions and practicing the self care rituals we all desire through the months and holidays. Years of practice and research go into the creation of each item; from candles to foraged herbs and body scrubs, incense and more. We sincerely hope you enjoy these products and find beauty in everything. What you dream, you can grow. Sacred space doesn't have to be obvious, it can be a small area only you recognize as being dedicated to spirituality, and tradition.


“Litha” is the name given to the Wiccan Sabbat celebrated at the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year, marking the pinnacle of the Sun’s power to fuel the growing season. From here on out, the Sun will set a little earlier each night until Yule, and so we recognize and give thanks for its warmth.

As the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky, the God is now in his full power, and the Goddess of the Earth is bringing forth the greatest abundance of the year. The crops are reaching their full maturity and the forests are bursting with lush growth. In just a few short weeks, the harvest season will begin, but for now we pause to celebrate the manifestation of what was planted in the early weeks of Spring. The warm sunlight is a welcome contrast to the cold and dark of Winter, and we bask in its comforts. There is a focus on the Element of Fire in honor of the Sun God, but recognition is also given to the Horned God of the forest and its wild animal life.


Ancient pagans celebrated the Solstice with torchlight processions and giant bonfires to ritually strengthen the Sun. Another tradition found among European cultures was centered on the need for balance between the Elements of Fire and Water—large wheels were set on fire and rolled downhill into creeks, rivers or lakes, perhaps as a charm against summertime drought. This is also the traditional time for gathering wild herbs for medicine and magic, as most are fully grown by Midsummer and the power of this particular day will add to their benefits. For this reason, Litha is known as Gathering Day in Wales.

2021 Sabbat Half Subscription - June to Dec

2021 Sabbat Half Subscription - June to Dec