During the pandemic we are all suffering. Young and old alike, Before the pandemic as well.
When I think about wellness, I think about taking moments to yourself,
I think about the small things you can do to center you.
I worked on using my imagination to put together a kit so to speak. Something full, something warm, from my hands that contains the very best of what I can provide , that I use for myself during times of need.
 •Loss and grief 
• Fear and anxiety 
 • Calming my busy mind , or just helping me sleep.
 ~For me it’s lighting a candle,it’s the warm inviting fragrance of Palo Santo for my ancestors .
 ~These kits always contain our “Smoke and Cedar” , or “Woodland forest”candles. Smoke and Cedar 
Is the familiar smell of our “Big houses” when the fires are just lit ,our places of worship and celebration,
~Woodland forest is the subtle evergreen smell of foraging in the cedars and firs. Reminiscent of forest bathing while in your own home.
 ~I’ve included Salal leaves , powerful and protective, vigorous in its life force, nutrient rich sl these leaves can be burned with wishes written on them to be passed to our ancestors, or boiled into a tea with elderberries and rose hips.
 ~Devils club protection beads; to be worn against your skin , or kept in a space where you feel need it. Your car or bedroom, near your children’s beds like me.
~Beautiful Detox tea . This tea is light
and flavourful perfect to warm you during nights when you need a boost.

Standing Spruce Wellness Kit