Smokeless and convenient Used where traditional Fumigatory (Smoke) means isnt an option, but invoking all the intent and benefits of traditional smudging. This product and recipe was developed through my traditional teachings with the energy and intention of clearing negative energy, spaces and people. Our practice goes back through time immemorial, and this 'liquid tool' is a powerful addition in all of my cleansing work ,past present and future. Mist Sacred cleansing spray before or after a burning and smudge ceremony or on its own.
How to use gently shake and mist your surroundings , walls , corners and cabinetry , be sure not to miss any shadow or closet.For use on your person, gently shake and spray 2-3 times over and around your body wafting the mist around yourself or others slowly breathing and focusing on your positive intention.1 bottle should clear an entire home or 20,000 sq feet.
Ingredients: Distilled full moon and dark moon water, Sea water , sea salt ,Cedar leaves, Ethically harvested Devils club, Spruce,
Common uses
Moving into a new space,
traveling and hotel rooms,
cleansing stagnant energy,
revitalisation, spring
cleaning, grieving,
fear, dark home,

Smudge Ceremony Sacred Blessing Spray | 16oz