I’ve been working on this recipe for what seems like years.After the first run, this all natural luxurious face and body bar came out perfect.It’s stunning and creamy. Formulated with 3 clays: kaolin, french pink, and Brazilian red this leaves your skin soothed and soft.These clays are anti-inflammatory, soothing, super nourishing and illuminating.Superfine pumice polishes away dead skin cells, to leave your skin brighter and feeling lighter.Available by the pound, and by the large barAlways made with love and care for our clients.Suffering from eczema ,   I know first hand the havoc some products can cause to our skin,We do our best with all of our products to assure safety for sensitive skin and those with chronic skin issues.This is an exfoliating, brightening creation, that detoxifies while it nourishes .

Rose Glow Exfoliating Bar - 1lb