Beauty in less waste,
Artistry in function
Rustic ,
Refillable , 
Reusable ,
Set in lovely sought after lasting decor pieces,
In 2 sizes and 3 breathtaking colours 
Choose from; 
~Sand, rich beige and hints of mustardy gold
~Slate, a beautiful blueish green reminiscent of the pacific.
~Aqua, natural cream with light layers of pastel Azul. 
I wanted something beautiful 
Yet sturdy enough we could set on our counter for daily use 
This option is meant to save us-on plastic and waste,
In truth the amount of liquid dish soap we were using was getting out of hand 
So we needed to develop a better way,
These pottery shells are oven and dishwasher safe,
Fragrance free and durable; this all natural and safe dish soap can be used by rubbing a cloth or your favourite hand held scrub brush onto its surface.
Simply dip and swirl your wet brush-into your shell and wash dishes and countertops as usual.

Pacific shell Dish Soap small

Colour choice