Ocean soak face wash
In kelp & Eucalyptus 

If you haven’t seen this yet I hope you do now. This is one of my creations Im most proud of.
Made while reminiscing about travel and lack of cleanser for dull sticky feeling skin , weight  and liquid limits were considered.
This rich facial cleanser comes in large and small. 
4 and 2oz bottles.
However they seem small 1/8-1/4 tsp is all that’s needed to thoroughly cleanse your face and neck even with a full beard.
Once moistened the white powder turns into a light sage green foam with a hint of sea and eucalyptus oil.
•Sea Kelp eliminates free radicals while hydrating skin 
•Soft clays leave your skin in believably Soft and supple , and your skin tone even.
•Chlorella promotes healing and reduces inflammation . Packed with vitamins and minerals 
•anti-aging Silk powder is absorbed into your skin , builds and maintains collagen.

This gentle yet effective cleansing foam has taken the fear out of washing my face, my reactive skin feels cool and soothed,
This staple makes washing my face an absolute pleasure, and a part of my routine I now look the most forward too every day .
 I just can’t stop touching my skin.
You won’t be disappointed 

Ocean Soak Kelp & Eucalyptus 4oz