I am exceedingly proud of this serum.In my mind during late nights, I’ve laid in bed imagining what precisely this emollient would do.What people don’t know about me, is how I fall in love with plants. When I’m foraging I hold images of them in my head, I grow mugwort, watch the swaying willow ; I feel a closeness , adoration and appreciation for what they can do. ..Plants are undervalued , because of that , they are also living hidden magic that is at all of our fingertips. Waiting to help us.•Part mask•Treatment•Anti-aging powerhouse •soother of inflammation and eczema•Collagen and circulation stimulator •Detoxifier •Soother, mineralizer , and vitamin provider•Brightener and luminosity enhancerThis serum balm has it all, I’m already reaping my rewards.

Mugwort and Willow Serum Balm