Celebrate the seasons with our half year subscription for 2021. With this offering you'll be guaranteed 3 of our sought after and curated boxes from August to December, you will also recieve each box before everyone else. The cost is $246 which equals out to $82 per box and includes shipping, which is our discounted pre-sale price. *You will be charged a single shipping fee at checkout and this has been accounted for in the total cost*. Not only will you be first in line and guaranteed a box at the pre-sale cost, but you'll also recieve an added small gift in each box as a thank you for subscribing.  The Boxes:
•June -Litha/ the summer solstice
•October - Samhain / Halloween, New Year
•December - Yule / Christmas, Winter Solstice 

You will recieve each box approximately two weeks before the month of the pertaining season.

2021 Sabbat Half Subscription - June to Dec