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The Journal

Follow along on our journey and learn about our traditions

Updated: Jan 17

Noticeably thinner here than she is now!
Yarrow relaxing after the summer heat wave last fall.

As the days get longer and warmer, it's time to start preparing the farm for a productive spring. Not only is it important to check on our beloved Jersey cow "Yarrow," but also to make sure that our chickens and land are healthy and happy. I walk every few days around the property to observe and take note of any green beginning to peak through falls leaves, I see our fruit trees show the first signs of buds , and cat nip is sprouting optimistically in my planters. Here’s how we’ve been getting ready for a successful season of growing and harvesting food.

eggs of Cochins, light sussex, and barred rocks.
Our first eggs collected after our Yuletime break

Light Sussex flock in their glory , Searching for snacks while their coop is cleaned.

Cleaning & Repairing Chicken Coops & Creating healthy soil

Happy chickens lay healthy and strong eggs. Thats why after months of being battered by winter storms, it’s essential to clean and repair all chicken coops before spring arrives.We repair holes that varmints may have made, clean floors completely ,add fresh wood chips, sweep out dusty cobwebs from the walls, and add fresh bedding to nesting boxes.

All of these things help to keep the area dry , helping chickens to avoid colds during the wet months ,and give them the boost they need.

On the farm we use this cleaning opportunity to inspect health and separate flocks into their appropriate homes, and breeds. All the hens and roosters get a healthy dose of probiotics, vitamins, dewormer , and minerals to give the girls what they need for egg laying. Playing, and scratching in compost is one of chickens favourite activities, Since compost is so important for providing plants with vital nutrients, we build hot compost bins near each chicken run in order to provide our gardens with organic material throughout the season, and a fun daily activity for the girls. Healthy soil is an integral part of any successful farm, so we are constantly striving to create nutrient-rich soil through natural methods ,This helps us create an environment where garden beds can thrive without needing any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers


Our Jersey girl was a fair ground cow when she came to us, she loves children, and excels around excitement, and people.Yarrow surprised us and is now around 7 months pregnant by my guess, after feeling her belly regularly with overall suspicion , and second guessing instincts ;

I believe she is due around late February-March, so while we wait for her ultrasound and exact due date from the farm vet, we just wait and make her as comfortable as possible. Visiting with her means checking her health daily, as well as feeding her snacks ,and giving her plenty of scratches. We have found that Yarrow is especially affectionate when pregnant —she knows that she needs extra love, and we don't mind obliging ! In addition, we have been giving

Round behind the ribs is an indication of pregnancy, and she is ROUND!

Her special supplements during this time in order ensure that she remains healthy and strong throughout her pregnancy.

Getting ready for spring on the farm isn't just about cleaning up after winter; Its about love, its about happiness, and the satisfaction we get from caring for other beings and the land. It's also about making sure all of our animals remain healthy and happy while providing them with the nutrition they need to grow, so that we can produce food throughout the season. By living with empathy and working together, we can ensure that our farm will be ready for a fertile season ahead!

Updated: Jan 15

Cleansing and Protection candles are made with herbs , crystals and intention .

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? After the last full moon I felt completly scattered , my energy was all over the place and felt as if I couldnt catch a smidgeon of luck. Now with the new moon approaching next saturday the 21st, it's time to let go of old fears and my anxieties.

Have you ever wished you could take back control by finding your center? If so, meditation and protective spells may be the answer. By infusing your life with magic, you can gain a higher level of power to create a more balanced sense of being and productive life. Let’s explore how mediation and protective spells can be used as effective measures for self-care and grounding.

Meditation is an ancient practice that promotes relaxation, self-awareness, and concentration. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, boost creativity, enhance emotional intelligence, and bring balance into one’s life. The goal of meditation is to focus

on something without judgement or distraction—it can be anything from a phrase or mantra to a visualization or even just your breath. Mediation can be done in many different ways : walking mediation, sound healing meditation, forest bathing , sitting or laying quietly covered in crystals, or in the dark etc., The important part is to find the right practice for you.

Protective spells are rituals designed to protect individuals from harm or danger. They involve channeling energy in order to create an aura or feeling of protection around oneself and space. This can be done through physical objects such as amulets,candle or herbs/oils; spoken words such as incantations; visualization techniques. Using some or all of the parts above to create a personalized ritual to calm your nervous system and cleanse space.Protective spells help us establish boundaries partcularly between ourselves and others ,while keeping us connected to our shadow self

or spiritual selves. They provide us with a sense of safety that allows us to remain grounded in our own personal power even when facing difficult times, this could be times of grief , sadness, illness, loss of hope, or just as preventative measure.

Using meditation and protective spells together is an excellent way to build inner confidence through self-care practices, that can trickle out into every day life. Meditation is proven to help reduce stress levels by allowing us time for reflection and helps promote mental clarity and better decision making skills; it also helps reduce anxiety levels by providing an outlet for pent up emotions that would otherwise become overwhelming; finally, it increases one’s ability to focus on tasks through improved mental stamina which leads to better productivity overall . Similarly , protective spells allow us time for contemplation which enhances our understanding of our own needs and desires while helping us stay connected with our past spiritual selves ,nature , and ancestors ,which keeps us grounded during challenges or even when we don;t think we may need it . When we combine the two

practices together , we are able to gain greater insight into what we need to move forward, it helps remove blockages we may have been blind to, and reflection that can help us better understand ourselves.

Protection rituals are as simple as :

  • Lighting a candle and reciting where you may need help or guidance (setting intention)

  • Artfully Adding some protective herbs to a jar and keeping in your space as decor.

  • Speaking with your ancestors outloud and asking for protection or direction.

  • Ringing a bell thoughout your home to " noise cleanse " your space of negativity

  • Burning sage or cedar throughout your home and =dark spaces, then opening the window in order for negativity to leave.

  • Taking a ritual bath aka : a bath with salts, herbs, candles , and music.

At the end of the day you are your most powerful tool , through self-care practices, reducing stress levels, improving mental clarity and focus ,and establishing healthy boundaries between yourself and other people , you can incite change for your own future. By incorporating these practices into your routine even one step at a time , you will gain insight , live longer , and move more freely though the day, with a more positive , confident outlook into what it takes for you regain your own sense of power.

So why not give it a try ? You never know —you might unlock new possibilities!

Updated: Jan 12

It is always exciting to plan for the future and make our dreams a reality, and this January we are doing just that. We are making big plans for our small farm, from providing more heritage chicken breeds to our customers , adding a second family dairy cow to our farm, and creating our own dream milk parlor for our two girls. These plans might seem like a lot more work for a small family , the benefits far outweigh any negatives and make it an even better place for us to create and generate growth and ideas. Let’s take a look at what we have planned!

Chick Orders & The Rare breed "Death Layer"

We are excited about the arrival of some new additions to the family! While we’ve been raising chickens on our farm for 15 years, this year we are bringing in some new breeds from far away and most from local trusted farms to provide more hens to those of us wanting to live more sustainable lifestyle . This will allow us to expand our flock with beautiful plumage, more variety in egg colour and temperments, while also keeping more scraps out of the land fill. Having chickens on the farm is not only a great way to produce healthy, nutritious eggs for our family and customers, but it can also be beneficial for the environment. Chickens are able to help reduce pests naturally by eating weeds and insects, while their manure creates natural fertilizer that helps improve soil fertility. Additionally, chickens provide us with an environmentally friendly source of meat and eggs which are produced without having to use any chemicals or hormones. Moreover, keeping chickens can help support local wildlife as well as provide a habitat for birds like sparrows who feed on their food scraps. All these benefits make raising chickens an excellent choice for anyone looking to become more sustainable in their agricultural practices

This year after years of searching I was able to secure a heritage breed known as "the death layer" this breed out-lays all other chickens and keeps laying the entirety of its life, whereas most hens stop around year 2-4 years. This causes a problem for people wanting dependable hens, and the question about what to do with hens who no longer lay. On our farm our chickens are our responsibily , and we don't move them on when they stop laying , so its important for us to hatch only heritage breeds who may lay less eggs than a factory breed, but lay for much longer into their adulthood.Having your own chickens is fun, and exciting for people of all ages,they make great pets and there is nothing quite like watching little ones collect breakfast from the coop, or the anticipation and feeling of one of your hens laying her first egg. We are looking forward to seeing these little ones grow up - they’re sure to bring therepeutic and positive energy no matter where you are.

All the breeds that we have chosen this year to ensure that our farm is not only providing beautiful animals to customers but also being mindful. All chicks will be $15 each straight run (un-sexed):

  • blue eggs, as well as their ability to lay eggs for longer periods throughout their adulthood. They have a friendly temperament and make good pets, especially around children.

  • BBS Standard Cochins iconic breed of chicken known for their striking stately presence on any farm. They are a magnificent addition to any flock, whether for egg production, gentle and peaceful demeanor,or simply for the sake of aesthetic beauty. Cochins are calm and quiet, making them especially friendly for backyard flocks.

  • The Buff Orpington : an excellent addition to any flock, as they are a gentle, docile breed that loves attention and interacting with people. These birds have a calm and friendly demeanor that makes them popular for urban farms as well as backyard operations.

  • Bielfelders- an increasingly popular and unique breed from Germany, most commonly found in the Bielefeld region. The Bielfelder known for its hardiness, beauty, and egg-laying prowess. They are also quite rare, making them a great addition to any flock

  • Light sussex an excellent choice for any backyard flock. They are gentle, active birds that can produce up to 200 large tinted pink eggs per year, but they are also incredibly hardy and can thrive in any climate,I call them my hell or high water girls.

  • Mixed trios

Death layers will be straight run and $60 each

Gardening and landscaping projects around the property.

We have started preparing ground for a family tea and vegitable garden in front of our home.

Amending soil to expand our indigenous medicine sector, and making preparations for full size 2 acre squash patch will be p

riority come February.

From spreading organic manure, tarping ground, flattenning terrain, and mapping out vegetable gardens with fresh produce in mind, to tilling soil in flower beds or working on walkways throughout the yard .Gardening has always been therapeutic for us so it's so satisfying getting your hands dirty while watching your creation come together . Who doesn't love being able share their bounty with friends near and far?

The last part of our plan is Creating Our off grid style Dream Milk Parlour

We knew when we bought this land that it would be special place where we could provide healthy, delicious food for our family. After a long wait between business and upgrades it's finally time to create it right here on the farm! I've always known exactly what I want , and we have already started planning out how things will look inside, rustic and bright, with white concrete floors ship lap walls for ease of cleaning,a heater for us girls on cold days, and a nursery in the stall next door for calfs.

What type of equipment and supplies need to be ordered, such as hot water on demand, Solar panels for lights and fans, Milking stools, and stainless steel table and milk buckets .How how soon we can get this project off the ground will completly depend on my resourcefulness,us ,and the weather. But It’s going to be so exciting once it starts - stay tuned!

Current humble barn at shetland rd
With a few small upgrades, it could be just right.

There is something special about planning out new projects that brings joy,togetherness, and anticipation into our lives. As we embark on this journey of creating,dreaming,and running a small farm, it's worth noting that each step taken brings us closer towards a bigger goal - its more than just food production to us, community-building,learning, and most of all sharing and teaching . Wish us success as we work hard over these next few months with big dreams in mind!

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