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The Apothecary

Plant medicine is an important part of our history; our foundation is built on ancestral knowledge and old world medicine. We believe in magic, and in the importance of mother earth for our health and wellbeing.

We carry a wide range of wildcrafted products and remedies; including but not limited to: skin care, healing oils, balms, loose herbs and teas.


Custom formulations and requests are always welcome, whether it be physical or spiritual in nature - contact me via email or by phone to discuss further.

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The Farm

We began our journey towards food security with the belief that we could do something meaningful and that there was "a better way" than large scale/commercial farming. Our goal was to provide clean ethical meats, honey and crops not only to ourselves, but also to friends, family, and eventually our community. Raising animals on pasture and with empathy, much like raising a family, is of the utmost importance here on the farm.We currently raise heritage breed cattle, shetland sheep, pigs and chickens along with our own honey bees and food garden which keeps us fairly busy - but above all, happy.

 At our farm we have always operated on a zero waste policy, using all parts of our livestock including:

* bones for soups and pets, 

* fats rendered to become skin nourishing tallow soaps.

*And honey which is harvested, and beeswax used by our apothecary in lip balms, remedies, and skin care.

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The Owner | Lesley Assu

I am Lesley Assu, of the Haida nation; local Haida witch, herbalist and mother that trusts in old world medicine, the plants and spirits of the trees. I am also owner & operator of Standing Spruce Farm & Apothecary


Traditionally raised in both Haida Gwaii and in my father's community of the We Wai Kai, I developed deep roots to the land and sea. My passion of traditional medicine expands outside of the business; it’s my entirety, and is a practice shared with my family and communities. I am a mother to two children; Daala (the rain) and SGaalan (The yellow cedar), I am also an adoring aunt to two nephews: Aliwas and Ember. As I share Standing Spruce with you, I am raising my children and nephews with traditional knowledge and the practice of harvesting medicine. In my life these teachings were learned from my elders; to ensure, we are passing down this knowledge for future generations, I develop my products with sustainability and all of our future in mind .


The dream of Standing Spruce began with 4 chickens on a small piece of land. with hard work and determination the growth of Standing Spruce now includes retail on an e-commerce platform, and a small retail store situated on our farm, where you can find farmed goods, Daala's farm stand, and stocked shelves with all of our creations.


We are situated along the West Coast of Campbell River at 2165 Shetland Rd. Our family and farm friends are excited to share our products with you & your family. 

Humblebee Honey | Jamie Clark

Humblebee Honey began with one tiny discarded hive, and a labour of love by Bee-Keeper Jamie Clark (my amazing husband) and our wonderful daughter Daala. Humblebee is a small apiary on our farm; we produce limited amounts of raw wildflower honey which is harvested and sold on our online store and at local markets through Standing Spruce.

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